Observations from Taiwan:

    River ways

    Taiwan gets about 120 in (3000 mm) of rainfall each year. So the rivers have high embankments to channel storm water to the ocean. Manny have a mix of greenery and seating areas built in.

    Sidewalks in the Subburbs

    Brick sidewalk with raised paved bikelane and trees.

    Taipei and its subberbs have a lot of biking infrastructure. Most main roada have raised and dedicated bike lanes next to the sidewalk.

    Alley Plants

    A cluster of potted plants ourside a home

    Some alleys are very narrow with asphalt stretching from building to building. Often, you’d find a collection of small planters along the alleys making more green space.

    Public Phones

    Bright yellow public payphone

    There are still a lot of working public pay-phones all around downtown Taipei in metro stations and convenience stores. They often double as wifi hotspots too.

    Postage Lockers with Mailbox

    Storage locker for package pickups and postage dropoff

    Similar to an Amazon locker, this package locker is run by the postal service and lets you pick up deliveries all around Taiwan. Typically you can find them in the metro station, government buildings, and malls. They also act as mailboxes after hours

    4-way Intersections

    Side of a building with many potted plants

    There are a lot of tiny 4-way intersections in Taiwan. Many don’t have stop or yield signs just these little mirrors to help see around corners. This one had a nice collection of plants too.

    Dedicated Bike Paths

    There are lots of dedicated bike lanes in Taiwan. On the left are light rail tracks covered in grass to help with water management and increase green space.

    Scooter & Ferries

    Some ferries between the nearby islands allow scooters on the lower levels. It cost 90 NT or 3 USD per scooter.

    Enterance Chimes

    It’s common in Taiwan to have a door bell and a door chime. When I open my apartment door a chime plays announcing that someone is entering or leaving. But the door bell only rings when someone needs to be let in, like a delivery who may need to be let up the elevator.

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